clash royale update

Now that the new major update for Clash Royale is becoming more and more real, the players have already started to line up for the challenges. And with the new Crown challenge, the lineup is growing larger and larger every day.

The First Lineup of Winners

And of course we have the first 8 winners. From the hundreds of different competitors, 8 proved that they have what it takes to be the true winners. And on December 27th, we were able to see their battle, via the live stream session that Supercell gave us!

Clash Royale Update
(Credits : Youtube)

For those of you who may have missed the stream however, there is nothing for you to worry about. You can simply go on YouTube and see it again and again. But why would you waste your time doing that? The answer is simple!

We can Become a Pro as Well!

Those winners have proven to be real pro players. So, for those of you who truly want to become the best in the game, you can only benefit by watching them play!

Learning new strategies and getting new ideas might be exactly what you need to become part of the next winner lineup of the Crown Challenge! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were the next best thing in the game?

We will continue to keep you posted on any new updates for Clash Royale. This new update is, after all, proving to be a real challenge for the developers. But a truly successful challenge!