Clash Royale Update

Of all the games out in the wild world, you choose Clash Royale! We know your love of Clash of Clans attracted you to embrace Clash Royale, and the developers of the game are working to make sure your gaming experience does not disappoint. Clash Royale may not be the prettiest game on the block, but compared to Blizzard’s Hearthstone we know you’re going to love us!

This update is almost a complete makeover. There are changes to tournaments and cards that improve your player experience. Let’s take a look at the improvements.


Supercell is listening to you! Entering Tournaments is easier than it has ever been which of course, increases your opportunities to win, win, and win! The developers put in a fix to adjust card levels, (just like Clash of Clans). This change restores balance and presents a more level battlefield in you play experience. Case in point based on player recommendations the Miki Pekka card is losing power as you read.

Card Modifications:

Legendary cards will be more accessible in September update. As you move through the game more options to gather, cards will appear.

The Magic Sate?

As with sorcery, romance and computers updates have their timing. Developers suggest your sites focused on checking for changes in mid-September. There is much more in this new Clash Royale update.

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