Clash Royale Update

This september update of Clash Royale unveils inside information about what’s in store for our duel loving players. According to Supercell, the new update will not only be giving players new chest goodies but also a very much anticipated revamp for Tournament Mode

Once the new update takes effect, players will now be graced with two new chests. The first of which is the Legendary Chest which may reward players with a Legendary Card from any Arena. Next is the Epic Chest, this would probably be a fan favorite since it will guarantee that the chest will only contain Epic Cards.

It doesn’t stop there Clash Royale Fans, this Clash Royale new update has an all New Tournament Mode. It has now been simplified and players now have the option to join custom tournaments. The overall cost has also been reduced by a fifth of the original price making it a possibility for players to see more clan tournaments after the latest update. The New Tournament Mode will also have a new Challenge scheme. The main of which required the player to win 12 times to be rewarded the top prize, but beware – lose 3 times, and its game over. We also have a Classic Challenge where the player needs only 10 gems to enter to stand a chance of winning the top prize amounting to 2000 Gold and 100 cards. Lastly, we have the Grand Challenge, it takes 100 gems to join and the winner will be granted a whopping 22000 Gold and 1100 Cards!

On the technical side of things the latest update will also be balancing out some stats for better gameplay. To name a few, Giant damage has been reduced by 5%, Rage Elixir now only costs 2, but the effect has been decreased to 30% from 40% and the duration has also been pulled down by 2 seconds.

Supercell has definitely given players more reason to rejoice with all the new goodies in stored for them with this new update.

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