Clash Royale Update

The Clash Royale update has just been released and fans are going crazy with all the new goodies that came along with it. Supercell really outdid themselves with the latest update of the Clash of Clans spin-off game. The new update gives players three new tournament modes, and they did not forget about the existing tournament modes which were all revamped as well. There are also four new cards to add to each players’ arsenal, new chests to unlock and new shop offers. There is even a new way to socialize with fellow players and Supercell did good work with maintaining the balance of the game by revamping the cards that needed a little boost, and nerfing the over-powered cards as well.

As for the new Tournament Mode that came along with this Clash Royale latest update, both the gem price to enter the tournament and the prize you get for winning have been changed. To go deeper into analyzing this new tournament mode, we first have the Challenge mode which requires the player to win 12 times without losing three times in order to be rewarded. The Classic challenge mode will require the player to first pay 10 gems to join the battle for the top prize which is 2,000 gold and 100 cards while the Grand challenge is nearly the same , but costs 100 gems to participate and will reward the winner with 22,000 gold and 1,100 cards.

Fans of this mobile game can look forward to one new card being released by Supercell every other week, so players keep your eyes peeled for the Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon, Ice Golem and Graveyard Spell cards that may come your way!

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