Clash Royale Update
(Credits : Youtube)

Clash of Clans isn’t the only game awaiting an update on the 14th, there is also a Clash Royale October Update to look forward to and it will be gracing players with a new card known as the Ice Golem. This new card comes with a devastating slow effect power and damage capabilities. The Ice Golem may be acquired in Arena 8 for those who would want to farm for it.

The Clash Royale October Update will still keep the card roster expanding every week so players can expect a new element in the game every once in a while and have the option to purchase a powerful new card to add to their deck. Before the Ice Golem, the latest cards to be unleashed are the Inferno Dragon and the Mega Minion.

The Ice Golem is a building targeting tank type unit that has an above average HP and low damage. The Ice Golem has some damage but not as great as the Golem that spawns golemites. On the brighter side of things, the Ice Golem can slow down enemies much like how the Wizard’s Freeze spell does.

The new card is expected to be an important unit to have in your deck especially in tough tournaments. It can be used offensively and defensively, or maybe even as a distraction. Note that the Ice Golem is a slow-moving fellow, and has a tendency to be targeted last. So to maximize its freezing effect, it would be best to summon it before other units.


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