Clash Royale October Update
(Credits : Youtube)

Clash Royale is indeed one of the most popular games today and has been receiving regular updates to keep things fresh, exciting and bug-free. There is a scheduled Card balancing update for Clash Royale on October 20, and players had mixed feelings about it.

There will be huge card changes that some may not like at all while some are embracing the changes with open arms. One of which is the Giant card, the hit points of the Giant card will be 5% weaker after the new October update is implemented. The Poison Spell will no longer have a slow effect on enemies inside its AoE, but the damage inflicted against enemy units remains the same. According to the game’s developer, Supercell, the two cards when used together are overpowered.

Moreover, players will now have to pay six elixirs to summon the Elixir collector card which used to only cost 5 elixirs. It is justified by the developer to have the player think twice before playing the card, on the brighter side of things, the Lifetime will add ten seconds more to the person using the card.

The Log is also revamped with 9 percent more damage making it more lethal and now has a higher range. This is an effective counter to the Skeleton Army which will sadly be getting a nerf in the upcoming update, the Skeleton Army will now only cost 3 elixirs as compared to the 6 elixirs it required before, and however instead of 21 skeletons summoned, there will only be 16.

The newest card in the world of Clash Royale is the Ice Golem card, it is similar to the Golem card, and upon the new October update, the two Golems will now be able to damage airborne units.


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