Clash Royale Update
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If you are one of those people who are constantly playing Clash Royale on your smart phone then we know exactly how important it is for you to get all the latest information about the game. We all know that, the company, Supercell is constantly providing us with sneak peaks and new updates on everything that is coming up. Here, we will give you an analytical presentation of the following updates and patches on this remarkable application.

Clash Royale Update
(Credits : Youtube)

First of all, we all know how much you love playing in the amazing arenas. Well, now the arenas are going to become a lot more interesting for you. Because according to the new sneak peek trailer by the company, you are now going to be getting some pretty amazing updates. First and foremost, a few new things are going to be introduced, things that we can guarantee you will anxiously be expecting.

January 13th here we come

After the update that will be given to us on January the 13th, you will now be able to start playing in the new jungle arena, start using the new epic cards for the arena and of course, be able to open the amazing brand new clan chest reward. And not just that of course. You will also be getting the remarkable ability of actually requesting or even donating an epic card. Try to imagine how much easier this is going to make the game for you. January really seems like, it is going to be a truly epic month for the game.

clash royale update

Now, we all know that, the most difficult part of this particular game is to actually get other clan members to be active. Well, what if we told you that, with these new additions, it is going to be a lot easier for you to actually get clan members to become more active? And it is all because of the new clan chest. You see, in order for your clan to gain the chests, you will need to get as many crowns from the arena as possible. Now, we all know that the way for you to actually win all of those crowns will be to go through challenges, friendly battles and regular arenas.

Everybody will want to participate

Unfortunately, with this new patch, for the clan chest, the crowns from friendly battles and challenges will not count but, the regular arenas will. You will need to be careful though. You will need to focus on the season schedule in order for you to be able to take advantage of it and win that clan chests every single time.

There are 10 different tiers for the clan chests so, get to it. Win as many crowns as possible and get all of them. The good thing is that, even if you do not have a lot of time to actually contribute, just one little crown will do. That is all you will need in order for you to get the prices. But, do not let yourselves thing that, giving one little crown is going to be enough. If everyone thinks like you then, the prices you will be getting are not even going to be worth it.

clash royale
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Each level has a particular amount of crowns that you will need to contribute, as a clan. That amount ranges from 100 crowns all the way up to 550 crowns. Of course, if your clan actually reaches the 550 crowns before the season ends then there is nothing stopping you from opening that chest right then and there.

Don’t leave your clan

You need to remember that, in case you decide to leave your clan before the season ends and of course before the clan opens the reward chest then you will basically be forfeiting all of your rights to the prices, even if you actually rejoin the exact same clan or any other clan, before the season ends. Basically, you cannot join any clan, in the middle of the season and expect to get the rewards, even if you do contribute. You will need to wait for the new season to begin and start your contribution from the very beginning.

As you can understand, the power of the cards you are going to be getting, as well as the rewards that you can get from the chests depend on the kind of arena you are participating in, when the chest is opened. If you are participating in the Arena 1 then you’ll only be getting the rewards from Arena 1. However, if you are participating at a higher tier arena like for example Arena 5 you will be getting the rewards from that arena as well as all the previous ones. So, the higher you are, the better and more prices you will be getting.

Stronger cards for you

Last but not least, a great balance of the cards is going to be coming with this particular patch. Really strong cards are going to be taken down a notch and really weak cards are going to be given a bit of a head start. So basically, any card that you might get could actually be a lot more useful than what you may have expected, if you had gotten that card a month ago.

For more information about the new patch, you can of course visit the official website of the game or perhaps their official YouTube channel. Whichever the case, focus on learning everything there is to know about the game. If you have to, read the article again in order for you to be utterly sure that you have completely understood exactly how the new patch is going to work and we can guarantee that, you will be able to take advantage of the update to the fullest. That way, you will really become one of the best players out there.