clash royale update

Happy fans, happy players everywhere since the new update implemented and the Ice Golem Card are ripe for the picking. Now that the new card is out, the fourth and final card to be released has also been revealed. The new legendary Graveyard card will “unearth a gang of skeletons anywhere in the arena. Spooky!’”

The card is similar to Poison, though instead of dishing out damage in an area within its radius, it will instead spawn skeletons in random locations for 10 whole seconds. Though if we do the math, if the spawn speed is 0.5 sec that means we get 20 skeletons and that is even 1 less that the Skeleton Army card, which is cheaper in terms of elixir, too! So what makes it better? What makes it legendary?

The fact that you can choose a spawn point anywhere in the map is the catch here, you can even place them right next to the crown tower! Sure Skeletons aren’t tanks at all, but if you dish them out in combination with an attacking unit like a Minion Horde, a Baby Dragon or a Prince, the Graveyard spell’s skeleton summons will make it hard to knock down your attacking DPS units. Another thing is, players who know and use the Skeleton card, are aware that the zap spell or Valkyrie can annihilate them in one swoop. The Graveyard card won’ fall victim to that as it spawns the skeletons separately within 10 seconds, meaning no instant annihilation to put your elixirs to waste.


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