Clash Royale Updates

Reddit forums have presented players with a suitable platform to air their frustrations. Most complain of the arena of Clash Royale being more of a burden than something to enjoy. It’s most likely that an update will soon land, and touching on the legendary ranks will happen to the delight of the gamers.


One interesting suggestion was made by one player “handsome claptrap”, he suggested making major cards that would guarantee a drop from the crown chest to level 9. The idea behind his reasoning was to make the game playable and upgrade it.

Many clash royale gamers seconded this idea, as this would motivate players to achieve the legendary ranking easily. Others disagreed with this idea as they thought it would not set avid gamers away from advanced and newbie.


Every game has a grueling task of making it to the top or going to the elite category. It’s something you sweat for, and it serves as a good motivation for a newbie. The suggestion of “handsome claptrap”, is considerably upright depending on one’s stand. Your familiarity with clash Royale is the major contributor here. This is because it depicts the way you achieve you rise to the highest status or rank. Hence the supercell would be presented with the tiring task of evaluating the adjustments- if one was to be brought about right away.

Whatever decision is taken need to give a win-win situation for all parties. However, it is also good to consider that pleasing everyone is never easy.

Somewhere down the line the line “clash Royale” will most likely have an update. But the big question remains.

What Should Supercell Consider For Change And What Should Remain Constant?

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