Clash Royale Update
(Credits : Youtube)

Fans of the Clash of Clans spin-off game were finally rewarded with the much awaited Clash Royale New Update for September 2016. The wait has definitely been a long one since the last update for Clash Royale was last July. The Clash Royale New Update has graced players with a new game mode “Challenge Mode” and have worked on balancing the stats of certain cards to ensure fair gameplay. To name a few, Supercell has reduced the stun duration of the Zap Spell from 1 second down to 0.5 seconds, while the attack speed of Baby Dragon was buffed from 1.6 to 1.8 seconds. In return, the attached speed of the Royal Giant was reduced to 1.7 from the previous 1.5 seconds.

Props to Supercell for the continuous effort in balancing the cards’ stats, however, players had something to say about the new game mode released along with the Clash Royale New Update. The all new Challenge Mode was a great way for players to farm Cards and Gold by spending Gems. There are now two Challenge Modes available in Clash Royale; Challenges and Custom. The original tournament mode that the game had before the Clash Royale New Update is now Custom mode while the new Challenge mode is either Classic or Grand.

The Clash Royale New Update brings us the Classic Challenge in Clash Royle whereas players will need to dominate 12 players without any losses amounting up to three times in order to gain 2,000 Gold and a whopping 100 Cards. The same mechanics is followed in Grand Challenge, but will be rewarding players with a much larger prize amounting to 22,000 Gold and 1,100 Cards.

It was highly expected that the matchmaking of Challenge Mode would be fair, meaning players would be fighting against players of the same skill level. However, players have experienced being placed against their opponent in an unfair way. Strong players find themselves against new players while weaker players are stuck to fight high-level players. It seems that the new mode that the Clash Royale New Update has implemented does not consider a number of trophies each player has before matchmaking. A temporary workaround to experience fair matchmaking is to lose on purpose a number of times.


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