clash royale update

It is safe to assume that the new update will result in major changes in the balancing system. But the new update is not likely to be launched for the next few days at least.

There are some fans who would disagree with this calculation. Based on the game’s previous history of updates, many players are making guesses regarding the estimated launch date. Most of the fans assume that it will be September 5.

In any case, Supercell is known for launching updates within the first two weeks of a month. This is true for the previous update as well which was released on July 4. Hence September 5 seems like a safe guess.

All this speculation has led some players to hold back on opening their Super Magical Chest until the new update is released. They would prefer to get tall their bonuses once the new update is in place. Rare, as it is, finding a Clash Royale Super Magical Chest is a matter of luck. With all the hype surrounding the new update, players have to decide whether to open the chest now or wait till the update is finally out. The chest contains many cool items which can be used in the game. This might make it difficult for many players to wait too long before opening it. It is expected, though, that the item yield will be better after the update. Nevertheless, the rewards you get for opening the chest depend on the Arena in which you open it. Many still expect that their patience will finally pay off once the update is out!


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