Clash Royale Update

Clash Royale loses its fancy charm when players’ faces trouble in playing it. Now for regaining its calamity players need to get some updates for this game, which will help them for running it smoothly. The major problems which were creating hurdles in game were as follow:

After every few stages players don’t have enough gold for updating, they need to loose many of their dollars for getting it. Although the game runs without charges on YouTube, it’s like broken pieces. The second problem is a deficiency of Legendary cards, which player get in the legendary area after collecting 3000 trophies.

The game received the first update on 24th September as the balance of Royale Giant so that it will not disturb the game. Other minor changes include Ice Wizard Miner, Reduction in splash radius. This change took the game in much better position. The second update for this game comes on 19th September; this change was in its software while all other graphics remain same. Beside this small updates were there for rage elixir effect, Lumberjack effect, up gradation of mirror cards, and Log converted in legendary cards. Supercell is working on next update which will be more related with emotes.

In the game, players will be eligible to go for the tournament when they qualify certain standards. But they were not good due to the entry of illegal players and cheaters. Beside these tournaments only legendary cards by which one can win. Now the problem in the game is this that most of players’ don’t have legendary cards to apply for a further stage.

Another big change by Supercell is the training sessions of players with CPU. This training will help to improve the quality and remove hurdles from the game. It is still best and can go further by new updates which are expected to arrive on 19th September.


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