Clash Royale Update

And soon after Clash Royale’s release game caught gamer’s attention due to its constant and regular updates for free to play games. Supercell came back with yet another update for their major spenders providing them with new items to get excited about.

The update includes:

Three new challenges are included in this new update.

A simple challenge in which a new prize is unlocked after 12 wins, and if you lose three times, you’re out.

A classic challenge which requires you to earn 12 gems to win the top prize of 2000 gold and 100 cards. And a grand challenge which requires you to earn 100 gems to enter, providing you the opportunity to get 22000 gold and 1100 cards.

Four new cards are also included in this amazing update. The game also updated user’s social connection enabling them to see when their friends are online and watch their game. You can also challenge your friends to your friend’s list. Arena packs, an epic chest and a legendary chest are also included in this update.

Excess crowns and new achievements through tournament challenges are also included in this amazing update.

The game was considered to be dying by many speculators, losing its touch of excitement and enthusiasm but “Supercell” has been working hard on a new update which in fact turned out very fortunate for them. Currently, Clash Royale is grossing on top of play store crossing the mighty Pokémon’s; it is, in fact, a feat after “Pokemon Go” went viral and people started going crazy for it.


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