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A new update for Clash Royale was released recently by Supercell, and there have already been multiple player complaints about a certain issue with the game’s new mode ‘Challenge Mode’ it was observed that Challenge Mode has an unfair matchmaking algorithm. The complaint was basically about Challenge Mode pitting weaker players against a very strong player while the same goes for the stronger players having to crush weaker players that are unfairly pitted against them.

It is a basic expectation that when it comes to matchmaking in a game, players should be put against players of the same rank or skill level. This is definitely not good for those who find themselves in the losing side of this unfair matchmaking system, especially since the Challenge Modes in the game have reward system that is based on the player’s number of wins before they lose three times.

According to Clash Royale Arena, many Clash Royale players were put against very strong enemies and winning was impossible due to the vastness of level difference. It seems that the Challenge Mode matchmaking process ignores the number of trophies that the players in the queue have.

While the issue has already been raised to the developers, the temporary workaround for this issue with Challenge Mode matchmaking is that the player should lose on purpose until there reach a net game negative of -5, only then will matchmaking start to feel fair. This method, However, would still cost the player to spend the required amount of gems to join the game mode, and ultimately waste it since you will lose on purpose.



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