clash royale update
(Image: Allison Carter)

While the update will comprise of many revamped features, the ‘mute emotes’ option appears to be one of the most significant additions. Supercell has revealed that the ‘mute emotes’ option will be implemented soon, and they have been working on that. They have also mentioned in the ‘Clash Royale’s website that initially they did not have any plans to implement the ‘mute emotes’ option. However, going by the emotional requests by the players, they had to yield finally!

Observers of the game feel that the latest update of “Clash Royale,” will be a complete game, and the players will not be disappointed. Apart from the “mute emotes” option, the update will also comprise of other improvements in the game which are as follows:


Many players had reported and complained to Supercell that in “Clash Royale,” it is not easy to locate and join the tournaments. It is even harder to win the tournaments, resulting in the players getting frustrated every time. Supercell has addressed this issue in the update and has accordingly tweaked so that players get to play more and get more opportunities to win!

Legendary Cards

It was a challenging affair to find the legendary cards in the game. Hence, Supercell has now improved the game and has lessened the difficulty of finding and obtaining the cards. Apparently, the cards in the game will get balanced out since the weak cards become useless while other cards will become too powerful to overcome.

The training camp in “Clash Royale” is also being fine-tuned so that gamers can efficiently assess and test their skills/decks. It has been pointed out and reported that it is not challenging to win the battles in the existing artificial intelligence in the game. This issue is expected to be fixed once the update is released.


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