Clash Royale Update
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Clash Royale November 1st Update

clash royale updateIt has been less than two weeks since the October Clash Royale Update was launched, and Supercell already has cooked up something new! There are upcoming changes in the announced November 1 update to make the game better and more enjoyable. Read on to find out what to expect.

Changes in Card Stats

The November update for Clash Royal will be focusing on balancing the Ice Sprit, Ice Golem, Tage and Inferno Tower. The Ice Spirit will have its freeze duration reduced to 1.5 seconds from the previous 2 seconds. According to Supercell, this is because the card offers too much stopping power for only 1 Elixer. Kind of overpowered.

The Ice Golem will be seeing better days once that November update for Clash Royal comes along. The unit will have its Death Damage increased by 74 percent. The reason behind this is to ensure that its damage can one hit Skeletons. Moreover, the Rage effect is buffed by 35 percent from the previous 30 percent. With that in mind, it is possible that players will use this spell more often in the Arena.

Whenever a game is updated, some things are revamped and some are nerfed. The Inferno Tower is one of those fellows who will get nerfed in this November update. Its hit points will be decreased by 6 percent. Now you will be able to take this bad boy down from your enemy’s defense faster.

Friendly Battles Improvements

The new sneak peak of the latest Clash Royale Update reveals that changes will be made to Friendly Battles. They say that it will now be more friendly. The main change that was made is that both players’ cards will either be leveled up or down to the Tournament Rules. This makes Friendly Battles more balanced. Moreover, the Elixir bar of the enemy will no longer be viewable while observing a friend play.

New Cards Incoming

Clash Royale Update
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After the Clash Royale Update finally released the promised cards from before, they have announced new  cards to look forward to. Looking back, we used to be waiting for the Mega Minion, Ice Golem, Inferno Dragon and the Graveyard card. Now, all those cards have been released and we have new ones to keep an eye out for! The most notable of which is the Tornado Card which will only cost 3 Elixirs to bring into the Arena. This new card is set or release on November 11. Furthermore, players can expect a new card every two weeks.  Although the other three cards that are on their way are yet to be revealed, players will just have to wait and see.

Finally, there was also a tiny change when it comes to requesting cards from your clan mates. The cooldown time for requesting cards has been reduced to seven hours from the previous eight hours. Therefore, players have to keep this change in mind to get the most out of requesting  cards.

It is worth mentioning that Supercell typically releases updates every month to make the game more enticing and fresh. What do you think of this new Clash Royale Update? While waiting for it to arrive, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!