The well-liked Clash Royale Android launched Clash Royale tournament internationally before some days ago.  If you just want to play this tournament there are some chances that you might have frustrated feelings. That you know about the rules and regulations of this tournament and as a beginner, you want to know about everything of it. So we give this article for your information which has all the aspects of this tournament. Now you can see what it had been like to pretend an official tournament.

So you have heard about the first official Clash Royale tournament which was held on last Saturday. Actually, this is the proof of the idea which they run physical tournament in future that everything about tournament likes broadcasting method, rules, and prepared logistics. They organized this event for everyone as it is an open tournament and planned to permit everyone who desires to take part in and compete. About 200 people have come to participate in and they come from around the world. They are intentionally holding this primary occasion in Helsinki so that they can all be there and discover something new.

This is the big event for them and may be at the first time there is nothing go easily. But this will be learning the process for them after getting right approach for throwing extra official Clash Royale tournaments in the future. So tune into the latest official Clash Royale tournament on Saturday 16th April at 01:00PM which is live from Helsinki. 200 players also enter the stadium maybe they will be a champion.

Rules of this tournament:

There are some rules and regulations of this completion which are necessary to discuss with you. After reading it you come to know about it’s up to date form and changing of it. But first, we want to show that why it is run on the current system:

  • That they believe it takes the time to increase the basic information to fight in a tournament as a minimum condition moreover you needs to releasing or playing every card in the game.
  • They also believe on that the experienced and clever players are the real fun to fight with and the most entertaining to watch.
  • They want that person to have an awesome encouragement to gather and improve their cards.

With the start point of it the lowest common dominator and Legendary Card level 1, effort up for getting the powers and find it for reaching next level.  These legendary cards are looking balanced in a normal game in its place they are planning for increase the tournament rules on the level; of epics which are exceptional and common to take a better general balance to Tournament Rules game play.

So they introduce these simple rules:

  • At the first time, you will get double reward of it within every Crown Chest.   This will create crushing out those crowns and open your daily Crown Chest even for two times which is more valuable.
  • Secondly, they are renovating the cards donation and demand system so that it gets better when you achieve higher pitch.


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