The WrestleMania 32 for this season drew the attention of many spectators due to several reasons related to the event. Among several superstar matches there were a lot of matches planned previously and later these were cancelled owing to the availability or untimely injuries caused to players. Several planned and expected matches got cancels like the dual between John Cena and Undertaker, settling the dispute among Brie Bella and Lana. Besides this, there were several matches like those among Triple H and Roman Reigns were the most awaited fight ever witnessed.

Clash among the Ladies

During a match Lana attacked Brie Bella, this act causes the heat in the audience waiting for WrestleMania 32 that there will be a match between two in the main event. However, it was also observed that so far Lana isn’t able to play an individual match. Yet if there had been any team match then surely Lana will be present in any of teams.

News from Dwayne Johnson the Rock

Many fans want The Rock back in WWE and to perform on the stage from where he belongs yet, he had already signed several contracts with Hollywood industry. There are several films releasing this year starring Rock as the leading character. The fans want him once again in the ropes having a duel in his famous style and playing of the match. There had been several rumors that Rock will be competing with either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns. However, the news from the low is that Rock hadn’t joined so far and he will be skipping, at least, this year’s event.

Will Roman competes Cena or Triple H.

Prior to the injury of Seth Rollins, a matched was planned to be fought between John Cena and Roman Reigns. After the injury of John Cena there seems to appear dew on the scenario however still the hopes are quite high related to match and the spectators still believe that if the match didn’t take place in WrestleMania then it might be planned in some other sequel. Yet, the Reigns is being involved in almost every match of WrestleMania 32 either it planned to be Reigns Vs. Triple H, Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar or Reigns Vs. Cena. The fans of Roman Reigns would see him in action during the event WrestleMania 32.

Roman Reigns and Triple H, both the legends will be dueling for the title “World Heavy Weight Champion.” The background of this match goes back to the last year when survivor series 2015 was at its peak. Reigns refused Triple H from joining the Authority, by doing so he will be automatically played the finals. Yet he decided to quit the offer and fought throughout the tournament reached the final and eventually won the tournament. At the moment of receiving the reward Triple H. came forward to congratulate Roman but he speared Triple H. Their quarrel goes back so long after there was interference in a match between them they had always been trying to let each other down.

To be conclusive, WrestleMania 32 so far seems to in several crises and there are a few possibilities that this event would break the records of its predecessors but there is still a time and no one knows what comes next.


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