Clash of Clans October update
(Credits : Youtube)

So fans have most likely accepted that the huge and very much rumored September update will not be coming on the said month, but the good news is it seems like Supercell has been very busy with throwing around leaks and hints on what to expect when the October update finally happens. Yes, fans have been waiting since forever for all the promised goodies to finally be implemented, and now they have a lot more to be excited about. There was a recent hint dropped by Supercell themselves that one of the new features to look forward to in the COC October update is the introduction of Army training and Quick training. All this was mentioned n Supercell’s official blog and word on new troop levels and some balancing changes to make the game better is also expected to be implemented by the update.

The all new Quick training and army training feature will make preparing your troops for battle a lot easier and faster. There will be a new. The re-designed tab that can be found by accessing the army training icon on the left-hand side of the screen. There will be a new army training menu, with tabs labeled as ‘Army’, ‘Train Troops’, ‘Brew Spells’, and ‘Quick Train’.

The army tab will be the main organizer of all your stuff, it will indicate what spells and troops you already have ready for the next attack you will be making. In this tab, players can also heal heroes and edit the current army you have cooked up or request reinforcements in case you need to pack a stronger punch in your next attack.

The Train Troops tab will let the player train all kinds of troops, this means even the dark elixir troops can be trained as long as you have built the dark barracks. The brew spells tab will let you brew elixirs and dark elixir spells, you can also set the priority on which spell should be finished first.

The Quick Train tab will let players create plans for up to three different armies, or re-train a previous army used in just a single tap, this removes the effort needed to prepping troops one by one for battle, instead the player now has the option to prepare their favorite armies and train them with just one tap.


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