Clash of Clans update
(Credits : Youtube)

Fans who have been yearning for the Clash of Clans September update have been satisfied since the update was finally released this October and many players agree that it is worth it. Now many are enjoying the massive update that they have indeed waited a long time for. Although that doesn’t seem to be enough for there is word that Supercell might be doling out another update this October and may also be cooking up a Halloween Update as well!

If loyal players base it on history, Clash of Clans doesn’t usually have an update twice in a single month. However, there are two good reasons for Supercell to have two updates for this October. The first of which is to make up for the long, overdue and delayed September update that was promised to players before. Second is that Halloween is coming and what game does not have a Halloween themed update whenever this special holiday comes along, plus it is also an opportunity to release limited edition items and have the characters looking spooky for a change!

The new Clash of Clans October update might not be a game-changing update, and would not focus on battle-related fixes or scoring issues, it is more likely that the Clash of Clans October update will simply unleash new items that fit the Halloween season. Clash of Clans also has their fair share of strange creatures within the game, and it is likely that Supercell may highlight those spooky folk, including Skeletons and Ghouls.


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