Clash of Clans Update
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It has been revealed that the Clash of Clans update is going to take place, particularly on the third week of the month. In addition to that, it is expected that lots of features will be introduced in the game as outlined below.

Some fans of the Clash of Clans feel that the upcoming update is designed to edge in competition with Pokémon GO, which has been touted a top rivalry for Clash of Clans. The Pokémon GO has slowly been taking the scenes in the mobile game industry.

While the exact date for the Clash of Clans update release is not known, when it finally comes, it will be like no other update Supercell has done in the past. The update will dwell on Town Halls level 11 and the subsequent levels before that. One thing to note is that Supercell was not bighearted in giving features to Town Halls level 11, and this may be one of the reasons why the TH levels are not so friendly to newbies.

Some of the features likely to be introduced in the update are such as the penalty system. The specifics may not be clear about it, but it is expected that an overall change will be witnessed in this penalty system.

Players will also see an improvement in the game where they will be able to mine gems for free. And though this may be an excellent addition, players may still encounter some restrictions considering the gems are the cash cow of the company.

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