Clash of Clans Update
(Image: CoCland)

Fans of the mobile game have been awaiting the new update that is said to have a whole new lot of features to look forward to since a Supercell staff member posted about the new update on the game’s official website.

It is now unlikely that the update will be out since September has already ended, so fans are unsure what to expect from Supercell. There has been questions and speculation regarding the fact that Tencent has acquired that company that created Clash Of Clans and that it is possible that this new change in the game’s corporate set up has affected the initial plans to release the massive Update.

Based on a leak from a Reddit user, the active server that they are already using has been upgraded to 8.481.x and it is assumed that the massive new update is already implemented on that new server.There is now a chance that the massive update with all the new features that fans have been dying to acquire, will be released on October instead, or worse, November.

Although Supercell is now owned by this big Chinese company known as Tencent, chances are is that they will not be interfering with what COC have already established. However, the acquisition does mean that the game will be exposed to different development teams and this could dole out some changes in the long run.


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