Clash of Clans September Update

To keep up with its intense competition with Pokémon Go, the Clash of Clans September update promises to bring players’ experience to the next level. Different all-new features are getting players excited for the third week of this month, which is said to be the latest update’s release date!

Town Hall Upgrades

The Clash of Clans September update is rumored to come with new features for Town Halls levels eleven and lower. In previous versions, novice players find it hard to build and fortify their Town Halls, mainly due to Supercell’s lack of focus on this tower. Wait for the update to see what Clash of Clans has in store for its players.

Major Upgrades over the August Update

Avid players would agree that the game’s August update lacks improvement on key gameplay features. Well, stop fretting, because the Clash of Clans September update is rumored to bring vast improvement on spell-casting and troop management.

Free Gems up for Grabs

Gone are the days when you would need to spend real world money for in-game gems. You read that right! The Clash of Clans September update is heard to have the feature of letting players mine gems for free. More gems for more in-game items! What can be better than that?

You better assemble the troops – or the clan – and get your treasure chests ready! If these rumors  about game are valid there is no doubt that Clash of Clans will surely give those little monsters a run for their money.


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