Clash of Clans Update
(Image: CoCland)

The industry’s ever popular and still one of the most played games to date is said to be set for a major update this month, Supercell talks about a Clash of Clans new update that will strongly affect the current war play that the game has. This September will be gracing players with all new features that will make the fans of this mobile MMO strategy game freak out with excitement.

The most talked about and the highly anticipated new feature is the arrival of Town Hall 12. Along with this new update of Clash of Clans, Supercell is said to be releasing a sneak preview of the all-new gameplay the game will be having in the upcoming days, so fans stay tuned for this announcement and all the goodies that may come along with it.

The game’s official forum site has also confirmed that the developers will be adding another new feature in this month’s Clash of Clans new update called the Clan Challenge, and another plus is that players may now be able to get their hands on gems for free.

While the fans of this popular MMO mobile game are eagerly awaiting the new update, they should remember that most of these rumors regarding the September patch are yet to be confirmed. Until the company and its developers officially announce any information about al these new features that are being rumored, players should definitely stay tuned for any these. In conclusion, the developers are still utterly silent about the new update.


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