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Four-year-old mobile game has a big update headed its way and fans can’t get enough as they wait for the new update of COC that is said to grace players with an all-new game mode in addition to the existing modes, to mention a few, we have Friendly Challenge, Single-player and Money Play. Fans are happy to know that Clan Challenge is on its way as the Clash of Clans New Update this September inches closer and closer.

The upcoming Clash of Clans new update for the extremely successful massively multiplayer online mobile strategy game will also be implementing changes to Town Hall 1 up to Town Hall 11, this will surely help new players enjoy the game and they may find that it is an overall improved gameplay experience.

Word has also spread that this new update will give players free resources. Some say that players of Clash of Clans will be granted free gems or a way to get gems easier and in more quantity once the new update is implemented. Rumor has it that there will be an all-new reward system whereas gems are rewarded to players who accomplish certain tasks. This gives new players an opportunity to catch up to the veterans of this four-year-old game.

It is certain that fans have a whole lot of things to be happy about in this new update that will hopefully be implemented within the month of September, though there is yet to be an official announcement as to when the COC new update will be released.

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