Clash of Clans October Update
(Image : Youtube)

Not getting all the promised update goodies last September did not stop the players of the top mobile game Clash of Clans from waiting on the Clash of Clans October Update with full-blown excitement. A major makeover is reportedly in stored for the game which includes changes in the scoring, troops, and defense mechanics!

Fans are worried of course that the no-show September update might happen again this month, but there was this one proactive fan that decided to ask the pig question. On October 11, a player asked in the official COC forum if the Clash of Clans October Update will be arriving on that day, and much to everyone’s relief, someone replied. One of the top members of the Supercell team, Anoushka said that the update will be unleashed in a couple of days. Which means the much-awaited Clash of Clans October Update can arrive as early as the 14th of October. It has been reported that the development team in Supercell is done with the update and are just polishing out the small details.

So it is basically set in stone that we are indeed getting the Clash of Clans October Update very soon, what can players expect? There are reports and teasers by Supercell that state that the bomb tower won’t just be a simple structure that throws explosives around the map, it also may be similar to the Bomb Tower in Clash Royale that explodes upon getting destroyed, talk about taking your enemies with you to the grave!  There will also be some balancing changes and changes to troop level and numbers.


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