Clash of Clans

To keep the minds of avid fans away from the long wait for the September slash October Clash of Clans update, yet another sneak peek video was released and it showcases a new defense structure known as the Bomb Tower.

This is officially the third time that Supercell has dropped hints about what’s in store for players once the October Clash of Clans update arrives. In the latest pre-Sneak Peek video, the developers have graced players with the knowledge that an awesome defense structure will be making its debut to the game.

Say hello to the Bomb Tower. Alright, so Clash Royale players are surely familiar with this annoying structure, annoying to have to penetrate that is. This structure instantly obliterates ground troops and has the capacity to bestow a huge amount of damage that can hinder even the best of offensive strategies. Well, the same can be expected for the Bomb Tower in Clash of Clans

As per Supercell, the new defensive structure will be available to players with a Town Hall 8 and above, the said structure can be upgraded up to level 5. Once the player reaches Town Hall 10, they will be able to add another Bomb Tower to their base.

Much like the Skeleton Giant unit in Clash Royale, the Clash of Clans Bomb Tower will have something special for enemy troops who manage to take it down. After it throws bombs everywhere and deals epic amount of splash damage, the moment this structure crumbles it will still have the last laugh as it will combust into flames and deal more damage to those who have managed to take it down. Definitely worth adding to your base, don’t you agree?


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