clash of clans update
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The long wait for the Clash of Clans update was worth it as fans finally got a taste of what they have been itching for since teasers and rumors started spreading on the internet like wildfire. Supercell was able to dish out the update glitch free which is great for those who have high expectations for the update that did take quite a long time. Being a top mobile game for so long, point to making an effort to keep things interesting.

On October 12, the game’s official Twitter account announced the coming of the much-awaited Clash of Clans update, players were excited for all the goodies in store however things weren’t going as smoothly as everyone hoped. On October 13, only a day after it was released, a few glitches were discovered, numerous Twitter posts stated that there are players having problems with special packages.

On the same day, Supercell acted fast and with might right after the glitches were discovered, they were vanquished as well. Supercell has Tweeted that Clash of Clans is now glitched free. The new Clash of Clans update has introduced new features like an improved Clash Friends that will let players add friends and old clan mates by utilizing the new handy tab for this purpose. There is also Friendly Challenges and players get to protect their base against Friendly Challenge attacks. Certainly more interesting elements have been added.

The Clash of Clans update also has the new army training implemented into the game, which enables users to easily train their army and even have a pre-formed army ready for training in just a single tap.


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