Things are constantly changing in Clash of Clans, We know that, the game is going to be completely different but, we still have not been given the full picture of what we are supposed to expect. A few hours ago, however, the developers finally released a small sneak peak of today’s sneak peak full update to keep us interested.

Clash of Clans new update is coming

Within the next few hours, apparently, we are going to be getting a teaser trailer/sneak peak of the changes that were supposed to look for in Clash of Clans. Today, players all around the world are able to see a small preview of that sneak peak. In particular, the developers have given us the opportunity to check out the new design for the troop cards as well as the new graphics for the map.

The changes in the graphics section are not very different regarding what we are going to see. They are a bit more cartoony, the colours are a lot brighter and, in general, the game remains the same but still a little different.

Brace yourselves for the changes

For those of you who have already seen these updates and changes, all you have to do is to simply sit back, relax and wait for the new sneak peak trailer to arrive. We are certain that, the developers have a few aces up their sleeves and they are simply waiting for the right moment to surprise us. And with these extra sneak peaks, they definitely know how to keep us interested and waiting. So brace yourselves, changes are coming!!