The latest version of clash of clans has been unveiled. The priority of this update was to give the expected upgradation to the people to delight them. The awaited upgraded version has been launched with great features and jam packed adventures. The mobile game community has got the real charm of the gaming world. The disastrous success of the game has grabbed the market and has now become the most influential part of the famous outlets.

After the release of the new update, the game makers have been regarded as the most dexterous programmers. It has been reported that there are number of issues which have been seen in the updated version of clash of clans. The first issue which has been faces is the personal break system. Moreover, at some point in the game, the player finds it very difficult to get the shield because of constant attacks from the enemy which creates the troublesome situation. In order to make improvements in the game, the developers can try to increase the shield time and can improve the personal break system.

Recently, we have seen the entry of village guard in the game. That guard is there to ensure the security of the clan when the gamer is not available. The game timing is limited, and the time in which the guard stands to protect the clan is added up to the time limit of the game and kicks off the player because of no time left which makes the new version worse.

There has been a lack of communication with the supercell which has irritated the gamers a lot. Many of the gamers have requested for refund while others are optimistic and waiting for the new updates.

Something interesting about the game is the brand new hero. The game lovers have got the game changer kind of hero who will be best in the battlefield. The developers have tried to facilitate the gamers with the increased map size, increased storage units and some other building improvements.

Trying to develop the fairness in the game, several changes have been brought in it. The main purpose of launching this update was to welcome the new visitors and to attract other people towards it. Unfortunately, the developers did not succeed completely in their purpose and the game has become a bit complicated than before.

With the new look of the game; the viewers can feel the devotion and enthusiasm which is developed while staying in touch with its remarkable interface. The new update has also kept in mind those gamers who have lots of time to consume in small activities such as interacting with other gamers and keeping check on the clashes. The game has provided with enough time to such gamers to put their interest in such small activities.

The game is still very popular among the people and its rating has gone very high. Several millions of people have given reviews about it and five stars were also given to it which has proved that this game is worth playing.



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