Clash of Clans

Now that the new major update for Clash Of Clans is on its way, fans all around the world are anxiously waiting for any update that the company, Supercell might have for them. The company however is not very keen on giving us a full view of what we are supposed to expect.  Some sneak peeks however as more than enough to keep us waiting and wanting more.

The Update is Coming Soon

We already know that the game is going to be a lot more balanced and the graphics are going to change. This is going to make it a bit cartoonier and many fans love the idea. Some new facts also came to life, as we found out that the heroes will now be able to reach level 45 and the building will get a level up as well. But still the company is not letting out more information. That is until today December 18th.

clash of clans update
(Image: Youtube)

As it was announced by the company, via twitter, there will be no more new sneak peeks for the update. But a live stream for the update that is happening today, might give us even more information on the much anticipated update.

More News to Keep us Exited

But for now we will have to make do with the new levels for the heroes and the buildings. Some think that these will be the only new updates for the game. But who knows. Maybe Supercell will surprise us even more. All we have to do is wait!