Clash of Clans Halloween
(Credits: YouTube)

The most popular mobile strategy game of the era, Clash of Clans is set for another update this October, which is actually something new for Supercell since it is not normal for the game to have 2 updates in a single month. However, due to the delay of the promised September update which ended up happening on October instead, made it possible for two updates to take place this October. The second of which will be for the Halloween season.

Supercell has already introduced the latest update for Clash of Clans to celebrate Halloween known as version 8.551.18. The update packs troop contents that would display when a long press is done on the Clan Castle Icon. Moreover, clans that are ‘Closed’ can now participate in wars with other clans once an invitation for a Friendly War is received. There is even a neat Scary Pumpkin obstacle that will be populating your base. Spells can also be boosted for just one gem, there is also a faster training time for skeleton troops.

There is also a premium trick shared by a Maritime News fan that will let players get up to 450 gems real fast. It says that after the player unlocks the 4th builder in the game, the player should proceed and train archer troops then attack while in multiplayer mode. It is worth mentioning that the player should first check the Town Hall outside the walls of the target for attack. If the Townhall is visible, deploy all the troops. Do not wait for the building to be destroyed as that may take too long, so once the level of destroy is enough, the player should tap on End Battle. Repeat this until a notification of achievement pops up. The said achievement will reward the player with 450 gems after 1250 trophy wins.


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