Clash of Clans update
(Credits : Youtube)

Fans of the top-rated mobile strategy game were suspicious about the rumor of Clash of Clans having two updates for October since it is unusual for the game to have two updates within a single month. However, it has been confirmed that Clash of Clans will be getting a Halloween Updates this October and there are many impressive surprises in store for COC players.

Supercell is cooking up an update that will be just right for this Halloween season to bring delight to the players of the mobile strategy game. It is worth mentioning though that Supercell has yet to release an official announcement about this Halloween update.

The Halloween update may include goblins and wizards that will be joining in on the new customizable clan wars update which points to the possibility that Clash of Clans may also release an update for Goblins vs. Wizards tournament. The Halloween event might have a tournament within the timeframe of the event, and it may just be the cool Goblins vs. Wizards.

Moreover, there is also rumors that there will be new characters to join the Clash of Clans roster, it is said that there will be water characters coming soon. There have been leaked photos of Supercell’snext update that indicate this possibility. These water characters include mermaids and sea monsters. Note that this report is unconfirmed by Supercell , however, fans believe that this update is likely to happen since Clash of Clans is now releasing more aggressive updates.

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