Clash of Clans

In the beginning, an announcement had been made by Supercell about the hacks that are banned in Clash of Clans. If the players using mods and bots were first-time mod offenders, they only got half of a month ban. But lately, the Octopus abandoned the constant ban hammer unpredictably.

COC Several Account Possessor Involved:

According to All Clash, COC players with several accounts were reportedly incorporated in the indefinite ban wave. Observers assumed that they had been integrated by Supercell to prevent the use of “burner accounts.” Apparently, some players were developing mini accounts so that they could be utilized for “not so guiltless” activities without having to risk their major and actual account from the ban. The current indefinite ban, however, showed that operation is not practical anymore.

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COC Insecure of Bots and Mods:

Lots of players were using mods and bots from a variety of third parties before the warning and massive permanent ban. But, no devoted players will want to get involved with these tools. Supercell also urged and counseled the COC gaming group that permanent ban will be guaranteed in the use of the Mods.

COC Players Whined of Wrongful Ban:

The vast permanent ban has presumably caught many faultless COC players. In the official comment segment, many wrote demandingly that they are innocent and requested that the ban to be canceled. Supercell so far has not revealed to the community how they banned presumed liars.


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