Clash Of Clans Latest News
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The month of September has already ended and no sign of the massive Clash Of Clans September update was seen. With this much-awaited patch not arriving last month, fans are, to say the least, disappointed. However, on the brighter side of things, there are new reports that say that the massive update that everyone has been waiting for might actually arrive this October instead, along with this there was even a sneak peek video released.

In a preview JBH news report, it was stated that the September update being pushed back may be due to the recent acquisition of the company that created Clash Of Clans, however frustrating this may be to the fan base of this mobile strategy game, there is hope that all the promised goodies will be released on October 11.

According to EnStars, there is a really high chance that the Clash Of Clans will finally be released on October 11, this analysis was based on the fact that Supercell hinted that they will released a Sneak Peek video either on October 5 or October 5. Even a staff member from Supercell, namely Anoushka, chimed in on this theory saying that it will be introduced if everything goes according to plan. That being said, there is a really good chance that the massive Clash Of Clans will come on October.

Although Supercell themselves have yet to share anything to raise the fog surrounding the release date of the Clash Of Clans massive update, fans are still optimistic that it will be arriving soon, with all the features it is supposed to bring with it.



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