Clash of Clans update

Supercell’s “Clash Of Clans” is definitely improving itself further to keep up with the industry. With all the new games getting released, a long-time game should keep things fresh and interesting.

“Clash Of Clans” is due for another update this December and the details are kept secret. What does the December update for the highly addictive mobile game have to offer?

“Clash Of Clans” December Update, What we Know So Far

After the success of the “Clash Of Clans” November update, fans are looking forward to what Supercell is cooking up for December. The December update has little to none details shared, but many believe that we are in for a treat. The “Clash Of Clans” December Update is not just going to be a few tweaks and bug fixes, it is said to include something way more interesting.

Clash Royale December Update
(Image : Youtube)

Given that Supercell’s CoC is already a few years old, they have to keep up with all the new games. Surprisingly enough, the game is still on the top charts, despite the booming success of Niantic’s “Pokemon Go.” Reports suggest that “Clash Of Clans” is gearing up to take down the smash hit “Pokemon Go.”

Supercell is making their game expand event outside the application, and they are cooking up something special for December. Once source claims that a certain Tweet claims that there will be a new mini-series spawning from “Clash Of Clans.” The new game is called “Clash-O-Rama,” but little is known about this new game.

The CoC December update is said to be more than just a few tweaks. Supercell is already bringing out the big guns this December and they are being quiet about it. Perhaps to effectively counter a certain competitor. Rumor has it that Clash Of Clans” December update will have a new mechanic for Clan Wars. However, Supercell is really good at keeping the cat inside the bag this time.