clash of champions 2016
(Image: iwnerd)

The Clash of Champions 2016 Results has made this wrestling event even more interesting as Kevin Owen has won over Seth Rollins with the grand title. The combat had been a tough one. The two champions seemed to be tearing at each other and were a breathtaking performance. Even though it was a neck to neck fight predicting the result was quite difficult. With the help of Chris Jericho, Kevin Owen has been able to retain the title in this WWE Universal Championship.

With this grand success comes several conflicting opinions and controversies. The absence of the knocked out referee for making the score count is being considered as the reason for the success of Owen in this fight. It is being said that there was nobody to count the pins which could be the reason for the easy win.

Crashing on the table and succumbing to the huge fall, Owen got up and faced his opponent with equal vigor and vengeance. But the audience seemed to be quite unexpectedly quiet and unresponsive. The highlight of the whole event at night was the Best of Seven Series which involved Cesaro and Sheamus in an intense action. This fight ended in a draw. The positive trio seemed to have pulled it off quite well but was won over by Anderson.


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