Civilization 6 Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 Release Date which is on 21st October has increased the anxiety of many. The upcoming 4X video game in the popular series is taking the market by a storm. Developed by Firaxis Games and designed by Ed Beach this is a turn based strategized video game.

The game has the certain structure and some interesting features that will surely allure you. The users of the game can get the trace how the matches and the hurdles of the games proceed.

This present series is built on the previous series of Civilization 5 and continues to use the hex-based grid design. Civilization 6 comes up with a new idea this time. The new civilization is based on the idea of unstacking of the city. The old fashioned maps provided in this new series helps to illustrate tiles that are yet to be explored.

Civilization 6 Release Date news brings along with it this new theme of establishing a new Information Age from the Stone Age. Waging war through diplomacy and advancing culture the player tries to build one of the greatest civilizations.

All that the player has to keep in mind is that research and expansion become the two best tools for facing the combat. Here the more land you hold, the more potential you hold as an opponent.


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