Civilization 6
(Credits : Youtube)

Fans have noticed delightful changes in Firaxis’ Civilization 6, and there are nearly no disappointments since the game was made available. Fans of Civilization 6 know that the game has a habit of making changes here and there, however, they have seemingly perfected maintaining the balance between adding new features and keeping things familiar. All this upon the game’s release on October 21, 2016.

One of the notable changes that make Civilization 6 a better game now is the Urban Sprawl. Any Civilization type of game needs cities and what Civilization 6 has to offer in terms of infrastructure is simply divine. Plus Civilization 6 will let players unstack their town and this lets them expand throughout your territory.

Second, comes the oh so reliable worker unit, the builder. A builder is a consumable unit, after about two or three jobs, they will disappear into oblivion, which is quite a realistic feature for some. Later in the game players will find themselves investing on more builders rather than focusing on improving production time.

Civilization 6 also assures that any action the players take, will definitely, ultimately and eventually lead to profit, and by profit we mean gold. To expand on this, there is a way to protect civilians since they are one of the biggest investments in a civilization game. Their units are the kind that you commit on by spending turns training them for them to prosper, hence we cannot really afford for them to be killed in some sort of unfortunate ambush. Military escorts can now protect these important units! Another awesome aspect of the game is that it includes religion. A victory would mean spreading the religion you founded across territories.


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