Civilization 6
(Credits : Youtube)

On Friday, Oct. 21 a new Sid Meier game came out. With the release “Civilization 6” were here to give insight into the latest iteration of this long-running series of turn-based strategy games.

While the look of the game seems familiar there are a few new tricks to be learned by new and veteran players alike.

First is a new gameplay mechanic that gives players actions in game more weight, meaning that there are some actions in the game that the player can affect how fast researching technology goes. For example, if the player settles in a city by the ocean, they get a boost to sailing related technology.

Secondly, “Civilization 6” players should be conscious about certainly misplaced items in either tech or civic trees because they subtly affect the progress speed. For example, Democracy seems misplaced in Tech tree. In reality, this duo can result to increased speed in culture and production generation. They are types of governments that unlocks Policies which in turn adds bonuses to progress.

Lastly, workers in the latest Civilization game, unlike the previous games, are now expendable so players must now choose how to manage this resource strategically for the most benefit. t is worth mentioning that this addendum does not imply that the game will be free from bugs or any other issue. Note that the Civilization 6 does not support 32-bit machines, hence it is best to check if your rig matches the minimum system requirements of the game. That being said, other than not meeting the system requirements, players should be less likely to encounter any major bugs within the game.


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