Real Madrid into the Semi-Finals of Champions League!

Christiano Ronaldo stormed Real Madrid in to the top four position for the Champions league. Bayren Munich is out of the Champions League all thanks to Christiano Ronaldo. His hat-trick made the victory pretty easy for Real Madrid. Such a blissful day for the Madrid fans. Sad day for Bayren Munich fans, they had to leave with a heavy heart.

Real Madrid wins today
Christiano Ronaldo scoring his hat-trick for Real Madrid against Bayren Munich, navigating Real Madrid into the semi finals of Champions league. Real Madrid in the top four after defeating Bayren Munich earlier today by 4-2.

It will be Real Madrid and Atletico in the top four of the Champions League semi finals now. Christiano Ronaldo scored two off side goals in the extra time standing triumphant in the field for Madrid Fans. WOW! what a match I must admit. Bayren Munich got themselves back into the game after the tie but sad day since they were robbed off their chances for victory. Was Real Madrid worthy of a place in the top four spots? Even if they showcased a pretty mediocre performance they still managed to stand in the top 4.

Asensio scored the fourth goal for Real Madrid, shooting the ball in the bottom right corner. What a shot! Absolutely beautiful. Ronaldo what a day to showcase par excellence performance on the field today. Mind blowing hat-trick from Ronaldo today. This is the 100th goal by Christiano Ronaldo in his Champion’s league goals.

Real Madrid has aced the game against Bayren Munich. Bayren Munich gave them a mind boggling and physically exhausting competition today in the field. Could Bayren Munich’s defeat be attributed to a couple of controversial decisions? Bayren had a very tough decision to make when they decided to trade Lewandowski for Joshua Kimmich. I think it was this change that cost them the whole game and sadly they are out of the Champions League now.

All is well that ends well but today did not end well for Bayren Munich. Happy victory for Madrid fans.

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