Chris Soules
Chris Soules

Chris Soules arrested in hit and run case.

Chris Soules is an American reality show character and a farmer. He was lead  in the 19th season of ABC’s The Bachelor two years ago. On Tuesday, he was under arrest for a deadly accident . A Class-D crime carrying a punishment of up to five years in prison. 

He rear-ended a tractor with his pickup truck in Buchanan county on Monday evening near 8:20pm. According to the local outlet KWWl both the automobiles were going to southbound at the time of the accidentand ended up crashing on a roadside. Leaving his truck on the place Chris Soules ran away. Later the driver died.

The death body was known as Kenneth Mosher, 66. He was a farmer from Aurora, it is around 24 kilometer south from Chris Soules farm in Arlington and north approx. 105 kilometer of Iowa City.

Authorities are keeping the name of the witness who reported to 911 a secret. The investigator spoke to many eye witnesses and came to the conclusion that the crash is happen by the Chris Soules. The aurthorities are not releasing the information of the caller or the audio.

On the place of the accident the authorities found alcohol but still the investigating team is still struggling for determining whose it is says the Sherrif Bill Wolgram.

Chris Soules was under arrest after five hours of the fatal accident on Tuesday. He is in the Buchanan County jail, in the case of hit and run. If he is guilty, he has to face punishment up to five years in jail.

According to Wolgram, if Chris Soules release pre trial,he would be obligatory of wearing an electronic ankle bracelet and submit his passport. A judge has set an amount of 10,000 dollars cash only for Soules. He is not free from the prison as of this morning. Authorities deteriorated to mention more, as the investigation is ongoing. 

Chris was also put away in 2006 for driving while drunk. Court shows previous records of him having driving infractions.

Chris Soules, was show case in 19th season of the ABC reality show “The Bachelor”. In the show dozens of single ladies were competing for his affection. further he proposed to Whitney Bischoff. It was a short term relationship which ended right after the show ended. Since then he has been working in farm real estate and investments. He also served as a spokesperson for different agricultural interests.