Sportsmen of the Classic Physique division will probably face some changes soon. Currently, there are many debates about including a vacuum pose to the program of the professional competitions.

The idea appeared this year and it’s still not clear which final decision will be taken lately. However, the issue is interesting to many sportsmen and experts who keep discussing it and speak about it.

Including the pose in the competition program may become a special feature of the division, as it’s not included in the posing program of other divisions. At the same time, it may become the beginning of the era of interesting changes and some improvements that will lead to better organization and performance of the division.

However, it may also be an unnecessary innovation, that will only make the competition longer and more stressful for the participants. While the sports experts are thinking over this idea, some professional sportsmen have already told what they thought about it.

The current Olympia champion of the Classic Physique division Breon Ansley thinks that including a new pose won’t bring anything good for the division and its representatives. He believes that the modern program of the contest needs no changes. However, not all sportsmen share his opinion.

Chris Bumstead who is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the Classic Physique division thinks that vacuum pose shall become a mandatory part of the competition. He believes that the pose will help to demonstrate a physique of a sportsman better and will give more opportunities for the jury to make the correct decision choosing a champion.

Chris believes that some fresh changes will attract more attention to the division and will make it more popular. Watch the video below to see the full part of Chris’s interview about the vacuum pose and its importance.



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