Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Chris Bumstead Demonstrated His Incredible Physique

Chris Bumstead had a very difficult time last year when he lost his chance to keep his champion title during the Olympia contest. The sportsman looked visibly less prepared than usually and his physique made his fans worried.

The true reason for that was revealed soon after 2018 Olympia when Chris Bumstead decided to give a very honest interview speaking about his health issues. Due to Bumstead’s words, he was hospitalized weeks before the 2018 contest. It was impossible to keep preparation, visiting a gym or at least to keep a diet, as the only thing he was concentrated at was saving his life.

Chris was diagnosed with a serious disease. It could cost him all he achieved in bodybuilding. Doctors warned the sportsman that he could be banned from any sports activity if his disease started to progress. The sportsman felt very weak physically, moreover, such information led to depression and total embarrassment.

Fortunately, Chris got a lot of support from his friends and family and took part in the contest last year. He didn’t manage to become a champion, however, he coped with his own fears and doubts. This can be considered as a great prove that Chris has great power of will and strong character.

It’s still not known if the sportsman overcame his disease, however, looking at Bumstead today, you won’t notice any sign of him being sick. Chris looks impressively shredded and strong. Moreover, he is quite confident and aimed at taking first place this year.

Sure, there’s always a risk that some health issues can stop Bumstead from showing a great result at the Olympia stage. However, many experts are still predicting that Chris will become a winner in 2019.

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