Cheryl cole and Liam being Candid to the camera
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Cheryl cole and Liam named their baby boy.

After many days of rumor filled predictions from followers Cheryl cole and her Boyfriend the guy from One Direction, Liam Payne finally revealed the name of their baby boy .

Both of the singing stars named their cutie baby as “Bear” isn’t it cute??

Cheryl cole and Liam are in relationship for more than a year now.

Liam and Cheryl cole have been together for over a year. According to the reports the couple is tying the wedding not in a low profile wedding ceremony. But before that Liam have wonderful surprise for his fans. It’s uplift to his solo career that he is launching his new debut in May.

Most of the fans are wondering where Liam And Cheryl cole met right??Both came across for the first time when the young wannabe popstar Liam auditioned Cheryl on X factor in 2009. Then he went to a super stardom in One Direction.

The couple came into the relationship in the beginning of 2016,when Cheryl cole concluded her divorce with the husband Jean Bernard Fernandeez Versini.

Cheryl col and Liam were silent about their new baby coming and the pregnancy process. Cheryl is 33 years she wore the head turning Sequenced jumpsuit. Liam is 23 years he wore a black tie and looked even more dapper then before while posing with her girlfriend. Inspite of 10 years between the two, they were completely obsessed with each other. Liam depicted his sign of love and tribute to her girlfriend in the shape of tattoo of her eye on his arm. Noticing the tattoo on his arm, a fan account dedicated to the couple posted: “First he brought the sparkle back to her eyes, then he got it tattooed”



Fans were eager to know about who inked the tattoo on his arm ?? it was inked by the LA’ tattoo artist namely Nikko Hurtado the same who did Liam’s pocket watch tattoo. The tattoo of an egale eye, the design was based on her 2009 shoot of the debut album Three Words.

Fans are anxious about when Cheryl gave birth fans were speculating the date to be mid of February but on 2nd March Liam fuelled rumors with a tweet to “creep around and stay quiet in the morning”. But  that was a false notification as they both announced the birth of there baby boy on Wednesday 22. The name of the baby was center of speculation for the fans.

The name of their new arrival, a boy, has been the source of feverish speculation among the pair’s devoted fans.

A website of birthdays published an entire page dedicated to their baby. Both of them are quite conscious and do not like to publicize their personal information.

They spend a week to know about the nature of their baby and then atlast named him Bear.