Charlie Puth Don't Talk Tour
(Credits: YouTube)

After a lot of effort battling the flu, Charlie Puth has lost his voice and is now unable to continue on with his shows, causing the cancellation of his Don’t Talk Tour. The singer had admitted in front of his crowd during a half set that he was still trying to beat the flu, the artist however still pushed to perform his biggest hits “One Call Away” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. However, the flu eventually got to him and he lost his ability to sing, thus the cancellation. The singer previously posted a photo on Instagram that he was in a doctor’s office with a caption that read “Damn”.

Charlie Puth tweeted on Sunday afternoon that he would no longer be able to carry on with his Don’t Talk Tour in the name of recovering from his illness, and performing on stage will definitely hinder any chance of recovery. The 24-yearold admitted that his body needed time to rest.

Obviously, Puth did not want to put on the breaks on his Don’t Talk Tour and it was the last thing he wanted to since he has a love for his fans and being on the road to perform as per Hollywoodlife. Charlie Puth also thanked his 800,000 followers for giving him a reason to do what he loves most and have it be his work as well.

The artist assures his fans that once he recovers he will be back on stage. Puth also promised to do everything to make up to his fans for this show cancellation. He apologized for what is going on and explained that recovery is the priority for now. His Tweet read: “I promise I will do whatever I can to make it up to you. I love you so much. I’m deeply sorry.”


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