The main criterion in bodybuilding is a visual presentation of a sportsman. No one cares how strong a bodybuilder is – proportions, bulk mass, posing skills mean much more than the weight a sportsman lifts in a gym.

However, to build a beautiful physique one needs work hard and spend hours exercising, combining cardio and strength training. How strong a bodybuilder is? No need to be an expert to understand that building an impressive mass for Olympia or similar competitions needs developing a great lifting power.

Charles Griffen is not in the list of top Olympia bodybuilders this year. However, he’s definitely one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world. Fans of the sportsman have already noticed his insane power. Griffen makes his training hard, impressive and very creative. There are a few bodybuilders who would dare to work out as Griffen does.

It’s only enough to watch a couple of videos posted on Griffen Instagram to understand that he’s a real monster with impressive power. Each of his works-out is a real show and great inspiration. Unfortunately, in the case of the sportsman difficulty of his training is not equal to a visual result. Griffen has a great physique and an excellent shape, however, he’s far not as good as top Olympia bodybuilders.

This is just another proof that bodybuilding needs a wiser and more complexed approach than just a hard work in the gym. Perhaps, if Charles will change his attitude and way of training he will be able to become next Mr. Olympia. In any case, his power and determination deserve being honored.


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