clash royale update

The update is reportedly, one of the strategies Supercell, the developer of Clash Royale is using to bring back the popularity of the game. Rumors hold that Supercell has been grappling to ensure players are interested in the game and the September update could just unravel the puzzle, as many changes are expected to make the game better.

One of the changes likely to be been, as it has been rumored, is that the Tournament rate on Clash Royale may be dropped from $5 to $1, which means that more players may be lured into having the fun of the game.

Players will be allowed to use Gems as a form of payment for Tournament. It is also believed that the players will spend longer time in playing the game.

Another expected change is the purported Healing Cards that were originally designed for Clash of Clans, another blockbuster game from Supercell.

Healers are found at the back of troops and they are made to heal the tanks. The Healers give health points (HP) to players who play the Clash of Clans. While Healers will feature in Clash Royale, that will happen in a different way because you will expect to see them more involved in the battle.

The developer of Clash Royale will also introduce another change in the game, which is the balance within the characters. Wizards and Giants are going to be nerfed by 5%; Giant Skeletons are going to be buffed to 5 percent.

It is not officially confirmed when the update for Clash Royale is going to take place, but rumors hint that it could happen next week on September 20th. An announcement by Supercell for the exact update date may be made a few days prior to that.

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