Cesar Chavez Day: Americans celebrating more than just the weekend!
Cesar Chavez Day: Americans celebrating more than just the weekend!

Cesar Chavez Day: A public holiday for all

Cesar Chavez Day
Cesar Chavez Day


Friday, March 31, 2017 is celebrated throughout the United States of America as Cesar Chavez Day but the question is why is it celebrated as a public holiday?

Cesar Chavez was an activist and a leader. Today is celebrated as Cesar Chavez Day in recognition to his countless efforts for the deserving, the unprivileged, unacknowledged and the ridiculed class of the modern America; the laboring class.

Cesar Chavez was born on 31st of March 1927; he along with Dolores Huerta was the co-founder of the famous organization National Farm Workers Association now known as United Farm Workers Union. He had dual nationality; Mexican American. Cesar Chavez became the voice of millions and millions of workers and was indeed the best Latin American Civil Rights activist and Labor leader and reformer. He was a forceful voice behind the American Labor movement, his speeches made the working class fight for their rights, before him the unprivileged were crushed and neglected but after him they were respected, taken care of and provided for. His movement gained nationwide support and encouragement since he incorporated non violent but aggressive policies. He became the daunting voice of 50,000 farm workers and laborers in Florida, California and Texas. His approaches lead to unionism of the cause and finally succeeding in advocating for the rights of farmers and compelled the leading authorities to recognize the struggles for the moral cause and acknowledge the United Farm Workers Union as the ultimate advocate for the fifty thousand farm workers working in Florida, California and Texas. This American Labor movement was enthusiastic and eager to hire and enroll Hispanics.

Cesar Chavez’s American Labor Movement gained immense popularity in midst of 1970 and in the late 1970’s by mid of 1980’s the membership in United Farm Workers Union reached to fifteen thousand lucrative members who worked day and night for advocating the rights of farm and field workers.

Cesar Chavez Day
Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez was born in Yuma, Arizona and was a school dropout. He dropped out of school in grade eight and helped his family by supporting them through the earning made by working in the field.

Let us take a look at a brief history of Cesar Chavez Day and how President Barack Obama made it a public holiday in states of Florida, California and Texas in 2008. It was earlier announced as a public holiday back in 2000 in recognition to Sir Cesar Chavez’s efforts for the working community leading them to getting better wages, financial security and medical insurance.

Let us take a look at the offices closed nationwide in recognition to Cesar Chavez Day

  • State courts are closed.
  • Sacramento State is closed.
  • State offices are closed
  • County Offices are closed
  • Sacramento County and Yolo offices are closed.

    Cesar Chavez Day
    Cesar Chavez Day

What is there to note that it is not a national holiday yet and well not even a Federal Holiday? But talks are going on to change this Public holiday’s status in to a national holiday.

Cesar Chavez Day is not just a public holiday in fact it is a remembrance of the massive boycott which was a blessing in disguise in life of the modern day workers. It spoke volumes about the trials and tribulations that the farmers and field workers suffered at the hands of growers.

Cesar Chavez passed away in 1993 but his motto and legacy is eternal and lives on for generations to witness and follow.


It is only once in a blue moon that reformers like Cesar Chavez are born whose lives are not just their lives in fact their lives are stories of struggle, efforts, trials and tribulations and daunting efforts made while facing prejudice and bias at the hands of authorities and leading officials.

These are the people who have genuinely made America great over and over again.

Cesar Chavez might have died but his legacy and his countless efforts are still alive and will be there eternally evident for generations to witness and ponder on.


What a leader I must say! I am nothing but all praise for him since he reformed the whole scenario for the unprivileged. He was a school dropout but he had the heart of the size of the ocean that was filled with compassion, care, love and pain for the poor working class. The class that had no voice he gave them a notion, a voice, the courage to talk about their rights, the force and encouragement to lead their lives in a much better and self-sufficient way.

Let us take a moment to thank Latin America for giving us Cesar Chavez, Cesar Chavez Day and a long weekend since it is a holiday on Friday 31st March 2017.