With GTA Online being turning out to be the best game, an update was necessary in order to rejoice the audience. Moreover, with new update being available on Halloween, some new update files have been added that contain more additions apart from the autoshop and Lowriders.

The inclusion of something brand new that is known as “mphalloween” among the files would be a treat for fans at this Halloween. Although, no further details have been announced in this regard, yet this new mphalloween is expected to add flavor this game in superb fashion.

The developers of this game i.e. Rockstar hasn’t announced any plans for public events and therefore, this inclusion is considered to be a surprise. Moreover, there is also an inclusion of new files in which we can see 12 new masks that are found right along another file namely “ped overlays” that probably refers to the pedestrian.

Overall, the update would be an amazing one with fans showing gratitude and fervor through various social media sites.

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